Being a 365 day cow-calf operation, the cattle here at Milk Creek Reds are developed under naturally limited inputs, limited labor and rely on genetic selection to produce under the environmental constraints in which they are managed.

We believe now and in the future that economic relevant traits and convenient traits will become evermore important as the ranching industry operators grow older, the ability to source good ranch labor grows more difficult, and we see fewer operators running more cattle. The traits that we consider economically relevant are first and foremost fertility (weaning a calf every year), longevity, production efficiency (percentage of body weight weaned by each cow), feed efficiency (dollar input per cow/calf), and fleshing ability. The convenient traits we consider are good dispositions, functional problem free udders, and structurally sound feet and legs.

Our marketing goal is to produce functional, good disposition bulls that when turned out with cows or heifers accomplish their task and their condition and appearance will be pleasing to the new owner as they are gathered at the end of each breeding season. The marketing of our females is the same in that the females sold out of our herd will go into other herds and raise profitable offspring to pay for the initial investment and keep their new owner in business for years to come.

We are currently working with the Red Angus Association staff and their marketing programs to assist our commercial customers in marketing their steer calves. We are also locating buyers for the commercial cattleman’s females.

We feel that the cattle should be able to market themselves and the best show place is in the pasture at home. We enjoy welcoming visitors, showing them our program, visiting about what is working in their program and building relationships that last a lifetime.